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How to Verify your Identity on Cash App | A Brief Note about Cash App Verification

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Hello Mates! Have you recently registered an account on Cash App and found the right way to verify your identity on Cash App? You have to the right place. You've probably noticed that an unverified account doesn't let you do everything.

You can only send and receive a small amount of money. But you can't use some more advanced features, like transferring Bitcoin, Direct Deposit, Cash Card etc. Because of this, verification is an essential part of using a cash app.

Suppose you are looking for how to verify a cash app account. Don't worry; we're here to help you. It's pretty easy to do. All you need is a smartphone and a strong internet connection. Here's what you need to do: Read this blog to learn about the cash app verification process. Stay with us until we get to the end.

Table of contents

Cash App Verification: A Brief Note
How to Create and Verify Cash App Account?
How long does Cash app verification take?
Why do I verify the Cash App?
Why is the Cash App not verifying my identity?
Why was my cash app verification rejected?

Cash App Verification: A Brief Note

Cash App verification is a process that all users must go through if they want to use all of the App's features. Verification is easy with Cash App. You only need the following:

  1. A Smartphone,
  2. Mobile number or email address
  3. A debit card or Bank account
  4. Date of Birth,
  5. SNN (last four digits of social security number),
  6. Driver's licence, Passport or state-issued Identity card,
  7. Your Selfie.

Keeping an eye on all these credentials, we are explaining entirely from beginning to end how a user can register and verify his Cash App account.

How to Verify your Cash App Account | Follow 14 Important Steps

Under 18 users are not allowed to verify identity. A user needs to upload his Govt approved identity card and submit personal details to verify his cash app account. Just follow the below steps and becomes a verified Cash App account holder.

Step 1. Account Registration

Open the Play store on your phone and install the Cash app. Start the App, and register for a personal or business account.

Two methods of account registration are by entering your telephone number or email. By using email, put your email address. You will receive a six-digit confirmation code to your email address. Enter this code in the verification box and then tap Next.

Step 2. Link a debit card or Bank

Link to a bank using your debit card. If you have a debit card, enter the debit card number. If you do not have a debit card, don't miss the option of linking to a bank. You can skip this step if you do not have either of these.

Step 3. Enter Your Legal Name

Enter your first name, as well as your last name. Click on the next.

Step 4. Create a unique $Cashtag

It is a specific term for receiving money and is required for everyone. Name it as per your wish or select an option available. Click the Next button.

Step 5. Enter your residential zip code

You need to enter your residential zip code to continue. Submit and tap Next.

Step 6. Allow Grant access to contacts

Allow the option of "grant access to contacts" and make it simple to connect with friends and secure your account from spam. Click on the Continue button. You could skip this step as well.

Your cash app account is registered now; it's time to modify and verify your account. Continue with the below steps:

Step 7. Modify your profile

Click in the top right corner on the profile icon. Here it is possible to modify your profile. For example, you can edit your name, your bio, etc. And also, add a photo to your profile picture.

Step 8. Edit Account Setting

An Account Setting option is now available. Click the "personal" tab and edit your profile details.

Here, the options name, $Cashtag, and bio are accessible. You must include the mobile phone number if you registered your cash app using your email address earlier. Also, add your physical address.

After you've filled out all the information, you've finished the first step of confirming your Cash App account. And your limits are:

  • Sending Limit: $1,000 Per Week
  • Receiving Limit: $1,000 Per Month
  • Add Cash Limit: $2,500 Per Week
  • Cash Out Limit: $25,000 Per Week

If you want to use the cash app's innovative features like Bitcoin, increase the spending limit to $7500 weekly. In that case, you must verify your government-approved identity, like Driver's licence, Passport or State ID, with Cash App.

Suppose you have a driving licence and are worried about how to verify your identity (driver's licence) on the Cash App. No issue; you need to take a few more steps to verify your identity on the cash app and enable withdrawals and deposits Bitcoin

Step 9. Verifying your Identity

To verify your identity, go to the Banking tab and click the "Get into bitcoin" tab showing a blue colour Bitcoin symbol. Scroll down; here is an option to verify your identity; click Get Started. Now Cash App asks you for a little more information. Click Continue by agreeing with the Virtual Currency Terms.

Step 10. Enter your Date of Birth

The Cash App asks for your legal date of birth. Submit and click "Next."

Step 11. Provide the Last Four Digits of your SSN (Social Security Number)

Cash App will ask for the final four digits of your SSN (social security number). Enter and continue.

Step 12. Verify your Driving licence

After that, the Cash App may ask you to use your phone camera to take a picture of the front and back of your driver's licence, state ID, or passport. The best option is to use a driver's licence, which has been registered and accepted.

Then the front and back of your driver's licence or state ID must be scanned by Cash App. Make sure your ID isn't torn or hard to read. Focus your phone's camera on the ID while capturing, and it will automatically accept your ID.

Step 13. Take your Selfie

Cash App asks for a user selfie; take a well-lit selfie of your face. Take a clear picture. Also, make sure your photo matches the one on your licence. Click "submit" now.

Step 14. Choose your income source & employment status

After submitting your selfie, in the end, answer a few simple questions about why you want to use bitcoin; there are three more steps to take action.

  1. Choose your primary motivation for using bitcoin. There are a lot of choices for what to do, like investing, shopping, trading, transferring, and doing business. You may choose to trade.
  2. Then they moved on to the next. Choose your primary income source. You may select an investment.
  3. Now, choose your employment status. Please select one of the options.

The Cash App identity verification process is complete now. Most of the time, the Cash App checks your account rapidly. After you send this information, Cash App will review your credentials and let you know if you are verified or not.

If you face any issues while verifying your identity or the cash app does not accept your Id. We strongly recommend contact to Cash support via App and chatting with a live agent in the "Support" section. They will resolve your issue and make you verified.

Once verified, you'll be able to use all of the App's features, such as sending more amounts, receiving unlimited money, and getting access to the more advanced features like Bitcoin, Direct Deposit, Cash Card etc. You can withdraw $5,000 Bitcoin weekly and deposit unlimited; your cash app sending limit will be increased to $7,500 weekly.

How long does Cash app verification take?

"Most of the time, Cash App approves your identity immediately." The verification process time on the Cash App varies based on location. If not, it could take as long as 24 hours.

If, for any reason, it takes more than 24 hours and the status shows Pending, you must wait an additional 48-hour period for verification. Also, contact Cash App support to find out the cause.

Why do I verify the Cash App?

By verifying your account

  • You can increase your weekly spending limit.
  • You'll be able to use a Cash App Card, set up direct deposits, and use other features like Bitcoin.
  • Verifying your account will also help protect you from fraud and theft of your identity.

If you aren't verified on Cash App yet, we highly recommend you take the time.

Why is the Cash App not verifying my identity?

Some people may have trouble trying to verify their identity on the Cash App. They might see a message like "Cash App verification failed."

There are many reasons.

Putting Untrue figures

  • Most of the time, it's because you made mistakes when you filled out the details for verification, and your provided information was incorrect.

The numbers on your ID were Wrong.

  • The verification could fail if the numbers on your ID aren't precise. If the Cash App scanner can't catch your ID, you need to contact the cash app to verify your identity.

Under 18

  • If you are under 18, you can not verify Cash App. Only people over 18 can confirm their identity card on Cash App.

Pro Tip

  • But the App has changed its rules as of today. When a teen (someone between 13 and 17 years old) creates an account, they must put in their parent's email address or phone number. At this point, Cash App needs permission from the parents to set up the account. If the request is okay with the parent, the teen can also order a Cash App Card. But you can't get bitcoin.

Why was my cash app verification failed?

Sometimes cash app verification is failed due to the following reasons like

Putting Wrong information

  • First of all, you might be giving Cash App the wrong information. In particular, the information you're giving out doesn't match what's in your Cash App account. The verification process will fail if the information you share doesn't match the summary on your account.

Used Expired ID

  • You can not verify your cash app account even if your ID has expired. Please check whether your ID is valid before confirming.

Not Updated Current version

  • You might also be having trouble verifying your account because your Cash App is not up to date.

Skip instruction

  • Not following the proper verification steps is another reason this whole process fails. If you skip even one step while doing this task, your verification process might not work.

Invalid SSN

  • You have to enter your valid SSN (last four digits). If you enter any fake Social Security Number (SSN), Cash App will not accept that, and your verification will not be complete.

Last Words:

Ultimately, we decided that Cash App is a great way to send and receive money. You should verify your account immediately. The Cash App verification method is all concerned with sharing your SSN. We're confident that if you stick to our above-provided information, you won't have trouble verifying your identity on Cash App.

When you verify your account, you can access higher limits and buy Bitcoin from within the platform. If you can't verify your account, ensure you're entering the correct information and that all the images are clear. Cash App support can help if you're still having trouble.

So, if you want to use everything Cash App offers, you should verify today. Hurry up! And enjoy all the latest and advanced features after Cash app verification.


Verified Cash App users may send up to $7500 weekly.

The Cash app will never ask customers to pay money for "verification fees.

A blue verification badge beside a $Cashtag signifies that Cash App has confirmed an account to be the actual presence of a public figure or global brand.

Without your SSN, there's no way to verify Cash App. Verification requires personal information like your SSN, contact information, birth date, billing address, and photo ID.

You must have a new bank account to create a second Cash App Account. A new bank account is required to open a second Cash App account.

Yes, If your Cash App account is verified, you can order and activate an entirely new Cash App Visa Debit card.

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